There is a simpler, safer, more convenient and headache-free way to remove unwanted hair without shaving - waxing or electrolysis


"Because of Hair Removal Forum, I was able to shop around and find the perfect price and Med Spa for me."

-R.C., Indianapolis, IN

The Specialists

Our Clinics have a wide variety of lasers, so we can match your skin type with the perfect laser. Our 350+ Clinics are rated and verified by experienced consumers just like you. We offer price comparison and consumer ratings from all of our clinics, so you don't get burned by the competition.

The Procedure

  • Sessions can last from 20 to 60 minutes depending on the area of treatment
  • A series of treatments is designed around your unique hair and skin type for maximum effectiveness
  • Unlike those slow at-home methods, You get to relax in a spa while a certified aesthetician performs treatment
  • You can go right from your treatment to work, school, the gym, errands or any other daily activities
The Convenience

We have over 350+ locations nationwide, so that you can find the right practice for the right price and have Smooth Sleek Skin

Call or contact us to learn more about Laser Hair Removal or to schedule your confidential consultation with one of our aesthetic specialists in a location near you.

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Laser Hair Removal Consultations are FREE

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